Toby's Heart




Our daughter Sabrina, and her boyfriend Dustin purchased a French Bulldog puppy to start off 2022. Following various life changes and difficult growing experiences, their puppy Toby seemed to have come at a perfect time. However, no matter how perfect something may seem, the universe never falls short on challenging those who continue to get back up.


After Toby’s first vet appointment and $1,200 later, he was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect called Pulmonic Stenosis which is defined as a malformation of the Pulmonic valve leading to obstruction to the flow of blood from the heart into the lungs. Toby was born with this condition and it was later revealed that he was 1 of 2 in a litter of 6 that had a level 2 heart murmur recorded at birth.


Unfortunately, they came to discover that the breeder had been notified by the vet of the murmur and chose not to disclose that information to them before their purchase. When presented with the news of Toby's congenital heart defect, the breeder made little effort to rectify the situation or do anything to assist in the treatment.