CBD Christmas Gifts: A Little Something For Everyone

Christmas stocking, for CBD christmas gift guide blog

Ho-ho-ho. It’s that time of the year when you need to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Why not consider CBD Christmas gifts? These are truly the kind of gifts that keep on giving. You’re in luck if you aren’t sure what CBD stocking stuffers to choose for your family and friends. Here…

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All About Natural Oils for Your Skin 

petri dishes with the best oils for skin, different muted colors

Your skin has many glands that naturally produce oil. But do you need to apply organic (or natural) oils in addition to the oil your skin produces to protect and moisturize it? And if yes, what are the best oils for skin?  The research suggests that adding natural oils may have many benefits, so let’s…

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Living Mindfully: 20 Tips for Staying Present

woman meditating on mountain vista

Living a mindful lifestyle can help you stay more present in the moment. It can make eating more fulfilling, improve your health, and enhance relaxation — whether it’s CBD-enhanced relaxation or not. Mindfulness is about more than putting down your phone, however. So how exactly can you cultivate this quality in yourself – and reap the…

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Here is the Real Tea: Does CBD Actually Work?  

CBD molecule laid on top of an image of a hemp plant

When you walk around the shops, you aren’t imagining seeing CBD products all over. It really is pretty much everywhere. Quickly, it has become an alternative health treatment craze. But you’ve got to wonder: Does CBD work? And does CBD work without THC, its psychoactive cousin? Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD has risen…

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Fine Lines and Wrinkles: A Holistic Approach 

fine lines and wrinkles around eyes

Fine lines and wrinkles aren’t something only the mature among us need to worry us. While these signs of aging are a natural part of growing older, dehydration, stress, toxins, and environmental exposure hastens the wrinkle-producing process for everyone these days. So what’s the solution? Do we slather on CBD face serum and CBD eye…

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Mother Nature: Getting Outside for Better Well-Being 

Woman's eye peering through large jungle leaf

Do you feel stressed out and anxious? Unfortunately, stress is often just a part of our lives, but the good news is that mother nature and a bit of CBD can help us destress.  Modern life has disconnected us from nature. As we moved to urban areas for work and other reasons, being outside just…

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The Science Is in: CBD Is Safe and Well-Tolerated

Doctor's hands holding a CBD oil bottle and hemp leaf

As hemp continues to become legalized around the world, more and more people want to know about cannabidiol (CBD). Is CBD safe? Does it have medicinal value? While we all hold our breath about the possible medicinal benefits, the growing consensus is that yes, CBD is safe and well-tolerated. These are some of the reasons why…

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Ice Water Facials: Skin Treatment for All Ages

skin care roller in ice water

How does an all natural skin treatment sound? One that works, whether you are young, old, or somewhere inbetween? Ice water facials (and a CBD daily soothing serum) could be the holy grail you are looking for.  But what exactly is an ice facial? And can you DIY it in the comfort of your home…

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The Power of Meditation and Its Proven Benefits

person meditating with purple crystal in hand.

If you’re looking for an all-natural and holistic way to improve your life, why not consider starting a meditation practice. You can reap additional rewards if you integrate CBD and meditation together. Meditation is an ancient practice. It’s been proven time and time again to have multiple benefits that can help you become a little…

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New Study Reveals CBD Reduces Anxiety by 50% 

Woman sitting on a dock at sunset, calm, anxiety free

The National Alliance on Mental Illness states that more than 40 million adults in the United States have an anxiety disorder. While various treatments are available, many people wonder about the effectiveness of CBD for anxiety.  That’s no surprise given how CBD is often hailed as a miracle cure-all. While research into CBD and its…

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